Maryna Sakowska (born in 1992) is a multimedia artist currently living and working in Poznan, Poland. She graduated from the faculty of Multimedia at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, Poland (2019) and the faculty of Painting at the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland (2017). In her artistic practice she contemplates, through the gender lens, interactions between humans and the natural-cultural environment and further human ways of constructing their belief systems. She aims to deconstruct the visual codes, which are used to depict basic ideas such as nature, love, home, beauty, as well as capture the essence of deep-rooted superstitions and magical thinking. She reaches for tools provided by broadly defined ecology, ecofeminism, new materialism, object oriented ontology. Her works are affective and gender-oriented, often personal, related to private experiences and on the edge of kitsch and naivety. She is inspired by the classic, figurative stage design, theater aesthetics and theatricality as well as traditional textile art. She uses a variety of media (painting, installation, text, video) although the main role in her practice is played by manual craftsmanship - textile making, through which she refers to the socially invisible women labour and crafts associated in our culture with femininity.
She is a triple finalist of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition and a member of Sandra Gallery. Her works were exhibited i.a. in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Berlin, Istambul, Bratislava.

Choosen solo exhibitions:
object O, Obronców Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, Poland
Something’s gone wrong, Hotel Polonez, Poznan, Poland
Something’s gone wrong, 9/10, Poznan, Poland

Choosen group exhibitions:
The Geppert Competition 2020, BWA Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland
Made [in] Ready – objects, symbols, actions, BWA Bielska, Bielsko-biala, Poland
Visual Convent: TOP 10 of the mysterious stories & premiere of zin, Luka, Poznan, Poland
Loteria #2, Artel & Groszowe Sprawy, Warszawa, Poland
The Journey Ergo Sum, Biala Gallery, Lublin, Poland
Sierpienie/Angust, lokal_30, Warszawa, Poland
The Best Diplomas of Fine Arts Academy, Zbrojownia Sztuki, Gdansk, Poland
Hestia artistic journey competition final, MSN, Warszawa, Poland
Putting stuff together, you know what I'm sayin', Proznia, Szczecin, Poland
Foreplay: Sandra Art Gallery Reviwal 2019, Luka, Poznan, Poland
Perfostation: Dancing with Systems, Art Trafostation, Szczecin, Poland
Anywhere, but here, Museum of Modern Art, Szczecin, Poland
Willpower, The Hotdock Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Hestia artistic journey competition final, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
Survival 16. Art Review: Capital, Wroclaw, Poland
Play ON/OFF, Obronców Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, Poland
Foreign body, Szara Gallery, Katowice, Poland
Body, Spirit, Revolt, Gama Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Next level, Proznia, Szczecin, Poland
Hestia artistic journey competition final, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
Belle vue, The Royal Castle, Night of Museums, Poznań, Poland
Still Life & Nature Morte, The Raczynski Library, Night of Museums, Poznan, Poland
Pomegranates Repulses, Pracownia Duży Pokój, Warsaw, Poland,
The New Painting, The New View competition final, Mosart, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland
and Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, Poland
Images for a real world, Ptapty gallery, Poznan
Love Aids Riot Sex, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
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